52 Most Embarrassing Yet Amusing Beach Fails


People love to go to the beach to beat the heat. Some people go for tanning, others want to surf, yet others want to cruise and swim. This is normal. But not everyone is normal now, are they?


In this post we present to you some of the weird events that occasionally happen at the beaches. Listed in this post are 52  photos of the weird events that happened at the beach. So scroll down peeps and be ready to laugh out loud.

  1. 1 Jesus will save me

  2. 2 An ordinary day on the beach in Australia

  3. 3 Beach day isn't just for humans

  4. 4 Headstand vs The turning tide


  5. 5 Funny sand shark sculpture

  6. 6 When you've bought expensive underwear and gotta flaunt it

  7. 7 Going for sightseeing? Can you take my head along?

  8. 8 Got myself this new surfing board

  9. 9 Couple nap ideas 101

  10. 10 Summer chilling in its true meaning

  11. 11 Welcome to Sandy's bar

  12. 12 You got some ba na na?

  13. 13 MJ will be proud

  14. 14 This shall twist you up

  15. 15 The Starfish Queen

  16. 16 Trying to scare my ex like

  17. 17 When you do a neck workout for too long

  18. 18 Ever wondered where's Santa in the summers?!

  19. 19 The most efficient way to prevent a sunburn

  20. 20 Human nature summed up in one picture

  21. 21 Desire is strong but Mom is stronger!

  22. 22 Get me some ice bro

  23. 23 Not the beach day she had planned

  24. 24 Ever wished you were wet sand?

  25. 25 Long distance relationships be like

  26. 26 What chilling at the beach really means

  27. 27 As they say, he who digs a pit, will fall into it

  28. 28 Gotta go a little deeper today

  29. 29 When you marry a feminist

  30. 30 Sunbathing but not sunbathing

  31. 31 When the happy family photo goes wrong

  32. 32 Sunbathing in reality

  33. 33 Not the profile picture photo she was hoping for

  34. 34 Utilizing the resources to the fullest...

  35. 35 The Ninja Beach warrior is here

  36. 36 Damn the salty water gives me the itch

  37. 37 Mother's from South America and Dad's from England

  38. 38 Guess who got lucky at the beach today?

  39. 39 When you wanna dress uniquely at the beach

  40. 40 Found a new partner

  41. 41 It will be fun they said

  42. 42 Touchdown!

  43. 43 I'll need the address to this beach

  44. 44 Why you shouldn't fall asleep at the beach

  45. 45 Nice Speedo! Ummm what can I say?

  46. 46 Not your kinda beach buddy

  47. 47 Gotta time the photo better next time around


  48. 48 Right outta Fashion Week

  49. 49 This little one knows all the tricks of the trade

  50. 50 China's latest beachwear craze; Facekinis!!

  51. 51 Gonna make my mama proud

  52. 52 A day at the beach after watching shark week on discovery


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