20+ Incredibly Lazy People


If you think you’re the laziest person on the planet, you need a reality check!
Finding it difficult to wake up in the morning or delaying your chores is a sign of laziness, but it could be much worse. You could be like one of the people shown in the pictures in this post!

Being lazy and living the lazy lifestyle are two different things. Are you lazy or do you have a lazy lifestyle? Check out the photos listed in this post to learn what it is really like to live the lazy lifestyle!


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  1. 1 Walking my dog the millennial way

  2. 2 When you're running late for school

  3. 3 Not what I meant when I asked my student to fix the time

  4. 4 When you take "talk me to sleep" too seriously


  5. 5 That dog has every right to judge the owner

  6. 6 It seems that people aren’t the only creatures who can be lazy.

  7. 7 As long as it works fine

  8. 8 Looks the the janitor was working overtime

  9. 9 The height of being lazy

  10. 10 Only lazy people can find such shortcuts

  11. 11 Hands not free

  12. 12 This park belongs to the Lazy Elite

  13. 13 Mom asked me to hang the lights. Job well done!

  14. 14 Must... Not... Move.

  15. 15 Like the laptop would feel disrespect

  16. 16 It's his walk hour, not mine

  17. 17 The Lazy getaway

  18. 18 When dad asks you to go grocery shopping with him

  19. 19 The Lazy bros

  20. 20 Just doing my everyday job...

  21. 21 SURPRISE!!

  22. 22 Raising them the right way

  23. 23 When the job instruction says "replace toilet role"

  24. 24 Because using hands is too much effort

  25. 25 My bedtime watch hour


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