30 Hilariously Insane Easter Pinterest Fails


Holidays can bring out the DIYer in all of us and Pinterest is an amazing hub for creative people where they can get inspiration to recreate wonderful DIYs, recipes, and photos.

Things always look easier on Pinterest but sometimes experimenting with new crafts or projects don’t always turn out the way we envision instead it results in total failure. However, If there’s one thing we might like just as much as chocolate eggs at Easter or a Christmas tree at a Christmas, it’s hilarious Pinterest fails *wink, wink*, so we can do a snort laugh to enjoy our holiday occasions.


Listed in this post are 30 hilariously insane Easter Pinterest fails that will make you go ROFL. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 They asked children to decorate their Easter Eggs and this is what my 5 y/o did

  2. 2 A baker's nightmare

  3. 3 Expectations vs Reality

  4. 4 Forwarding the case to Homicide


  5. 5 Not the kind of Easter bunny we prefer

  6. 6 My little one's isn't a fan of the Easter Bunny

  7. 7 When the costume party doesn't go as planned

  8. 8 Surprise!!

  9. 9 Easter deviled egg chick fail.

  10. 10 The centipede didn't have a happy ending

  11. 11 Eggs don't deshape that easily

  12. 12 My ice cream bunny just turned into a rhino

  13. 13 This was supposed to be our Easter Party Cake

  14. 14 If Vegans made Easter treats

  15. 15 They took the "egg" in Easter Eggs too literally

  16. 16 That bunny is so scary it can make a grown man cry

  17. 17 Not sure if these treats are for Easter or Halloween

  18. 18 The groot of bakery products

  19. 19 Happy Easter!!

  20. 20 The bunny didn't turn out very bunny-ish

  21. 21 My Easter bunny looks more like a zombie

  22. 22 Bunny looks spicy

  23. 23 Time for a treat

  24. 24 The devil shall be pleased

  25. 25 More ideas for Easter egg designs

  26. 26 The Marshmallow Monster

  27. 27 Pancakes for breakfast

  28. 28 My kind of Easter Bunny

  29. 29 So my mother-in-law made an easter lamb cake...

  30. 30 This ruined my Easter


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