25 Funny Photos That Perfectly describes 2 Types of Girls


When it comes to girls, general perception is that they always want to look beautiful, wear makeup, lose weight and be super thin. It is also taught mostly in our society that girls are the ones who are scared and afraid of scary things like cockroaches or rats etc.. However this post shows that this is not always the case. There are girls out there who don’t care about what others think about them, they wear what they want to wear, and they eat what they want to eat not caring about their weight. Not all girls are afraid of insects and rats, some are braver than others. 

There are 2 kinds of girls, there are brave girls, and there are scary girls, there are fat girls, and there are thin girls, there are active girls and there are lazy girls, there are girls who think too much about other's opinions and there are others who don’t give a damn about other people’s attitude towards them. So it won’t be fair to generalize that all girls are like this or that.


List below are 25 pictures that prove the point stated above.

  1. 1 Reactions to seeing a dinosaur

  2. 2 Arm strength does make a difference

  3. 3 Sexy Ninja vs a Cheeto

  4. 4 To Flaunt or Don't?


  5. 5 The sporty one vs the lazy potato

  6. 6 Buns or no buns

  7. 7 Tomboys vs Style icons

  8. 8 Conscious about oral health or the one that smells awesome all the time

  9. 9 The sweet one or the meanie?

  10. 10 One of them has had enough from this world

  11. 11 Fizzy or fruity?

  12. 12 Which type are you?

  13. 13 Shady hippies vs hot hippies

  14. 14 Different sets of classroom accessories

  15. 15 Putting in all your effort vs not giving a f***

  16. 16 The under-doer vs the over-doer

  17. 17 Types of mothers these days

  18. 18 2 different kinds of girls at sleepovers

  19. 19 The kinky ones or the cookie monster?

  20. 20 Two ends of the same strip

  21. 21 True love vs just a relationship...

  22. 22 Pizza woman vs the hotties

  23. 23 Office diva or the lazy bum?

  24. 24 Natural beauty or plastic doll?

  25. 25 PG3+ vs PG16+


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