28 Funny Illustrations Showing How Time Have Changed


Ever wonder how the world has changed especially the field of technology? The last decades have arguably seen more development than any other point in our civilization.

We have moved from the massive floppy disk to micro USB’s, 100lbs TVs to 20lbs LEDs or personal computers to small size tablets in relatively no time whatsoever. Salaries have stayed the same or decreased while all other expenses have skyrocketed. Confidence and self-esteem of millions have become directly proportional to the number of likes they are able to get per selfie on social media.


All these changes are daunting and at times overwhelming for everyone but, in our busy schedule, we easily lose track of these several developments which is why we have listed 28 funny illustrations to remind us how massively times have changed. Take a look and scroll on peeps!

  1. 1 Life was simpler back then

  2. 2 Cats are not very happy with flat screens

  3. 3 More mails, lesser attention

  4. 4 Kitty toys change every decade


  5. 5 Weapons of destruction

  6. 6 From sweet and shy to hot and kinky

  7. 7 Humans controlled the phones before. While phones control humans now.

  8. 8 Obesity keeps on growing

  9. 9 Who would you pick as your picnic buddy. Pooh or Ted?

  10. 10 Convenience came with technology

  11. 11 The negative side of having a smartphone

  12. 12 Change in behavioral patterns

  13. 13 Humans are easily cheered now

  14. 14 Droughts are incoming

  15. 15 Google has got our back now

  16. 16 3310 was my favorite weapon to carry back then

  17. 17 The evolution of lowered pants

  18. 18 Physical activities have gone down by huge margins

  19. 19 The compact tech era

  20. 20 Walkman? What is that?!

  21. 21 Using your feet is the real thing kid

  22. 22 Fat humans and thinner televisions

  23. 23 And they didn't move much

  24. 24 Not so Mchappening anymore

  25. 25 The real fun lies out there in the park

  26. 26 Women stay the same

  27. 27 Ask all your answers to google

  28. 28 It's a game of emojis and memes now


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