30 funniest Moments Happened at The Supermarket


Everybody has to go to the supermarket. These days supermarkets have become very versatile and you can buy every kind of product (groceries, electronics and entertainment products) there, and hence more and more people want to open their own supermarkets supposedly thinking that they can easily start their supermarket business and earn more money.


However competition in Supermarkets is greater than before and supermarkets have to advertise their products to make it look more attractive to their customers. Some of these advertisements can go seriously wrong if not checked properly. Listed below are 25 such advertisement blunders which will make you laugh out loud:

  1. 1 Just to make you realize how much unsafe action would cost you

  2. 2 Barbie? You in there?

  3. 3 I was just looking around the frozen items sections and this kid scared the crap outta me

  4. 4 Damn illegal aliens stealing our jobs.


  5. 5 But what do I wash my hands with?

  6. 6 Keeping it fancy

  7. 7 When the cashier's working and weighing his tummy at the same time

  8. 8 This kid is a winner

  9. 9 May the Lord be with your baby

  10. 10 My vision will now be disturbed for a few days at least

  11. 11 So we've been using it all wrong...

  12. 12 3rd April is when we get sparkling clean toilets

  13. 13 Back to school day will be fun to watch

  14. 14 Supermarket or fashion show?

  15. 15 I see you all

  16. 16 This Valentines day will be unique...

  17. 17 I am scared of bees. Judge me!

  18. 18 They want me to believe this...

  19. 19 My kid needs better maintenance

  20. 20 The BIGGEST sale without a doubt

  21. 21 This mother's day gift might cause some awkwardness

  22. 22 So they finally realized

  23. 23 Wanna try our newly shaped juicy watermelons?

  24. 24 This is a specially modified portion of meat

  25. 25 Automated cashier caller

  26. 26 Bagel with what?!

  27. 27 The jungle didn't have any fresh ones left

  28. 28 And people say where to use the math that they learned in school...

  29. 29 These 12 cents will be life changing

  30. 30 Is this for decoration?


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