30 Face-Palm Worthy Vehicle Advertising Fails


For many small business owners, an easy and effective way to advertise your brand is by publicizing with your vehicle. This method delivers advertising in a targeted and cost-effective manner that is more successful than other forms of advertising among the multitude of the digital and print media market.


However, you have to double check everything before continuing something that will represent your brand or else due to your ignorance or a temporary brain eclipse your vehicle advertisement will end up on the internet for the world to laugh at!  Scroll down to witness some of the most face palm-worthy vehicle advertising fails that we have compiled for you and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 Some people might perceive it differently!

  2. 2 What happens when you aren't careful about where you put your sliding doors.

  3. 3 Certainly not placed there on purpose!

  4. 4 Oh, my ass!


  5. 5 I never knew that existed..

  6. 6 That's a weird looking nose!

  7. 7 You would not like to order their services!

  8. 8 Yes, they exist!

  9. 9 At least they know what they're doing...

  10. 10 Not what they intended to do for sure!

  11. 11 Would you like to order?

  12. 12 Mike Is Hard...!!

  13. 13 They had to have noticed...

  14. 14 Yes, Eat Shit!!

  15. 15 Have to keep the window closed!

  16. 16 We fix your panes!

  17. 17 Probably not the best design placement

  18. 18 Fabulous indeed... !!

  19. 19 She has got big "tires"

  20. 20 I don't think the marketing team behind The Hobbit really thought this ad placement through

  21. 21 We got quite a few!

  22. 22 I see those unfortunate name placements on vans with sliding doors all the time, never thought it would happen to me

  23. 23 When you see it..

  24. 24 Shit FM..

  25. 25 Should have thought about that earlier...

  26. 26 Communist church???

  27. 27 Someone didn't think this through

  28. 28 It's open for booking....

  29. 29 This Habitat for Humanity van.

  30. 30 The door handle is definitely not placed right!


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