25 Crazy Japanese Trends That are Too Crazy to Exist


One of the first lessons that we learn in anthropology is the concept of “Ethnocentrism”, the term may be a mouthful but its interpretation is quite simple. Ethnocentrism means that you judge other cultures based on your own culture. It’s a common phenomenon, we all judge other nations and cultures based on the things that we do and see in our culture. This is why we often find ourselves thinking that the things that we see in other cultures are weird, absurd and senseless. The people on the other side of the border feel the same way about our culture. 

For Non-Asians the Japanese culture is seriously hilarious and weird. They don’t understand the need of Japanese to use face training devices or their admiration for Animes. Most of you will find everything that you see in this post as weird and senseless. But don’t be too quick to judge their culture based on your own. Study these crazy trends with an open mind. Years of traditions support all beliefs and cultural practices of the Japanese folk. 


Scroll on and enjoy the photos of 25 crazy Japanese trends:

  1. 1 Bagel on forehead

  2. 2 Kigurumin

  3. 3 Camel toe underwear

  4. 4 Decora


  5. 5 Eyelid trainers

  6. 6 Shironuri

  7. 7 Hamburger straws

  8. 8 Boobpacks

  9. 9 Face-lifting masks

  10. 10 Ganguro

  11. 11 Provoking tears for relieving workplace stress

  12. 12 Lipstick Templates

  13. 13 Face Filter Apps


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