25 Comics That Hilariously Sum up the Struggles of Tall and Curly-Haired Girls


Every woman should own up to who they are. They should often be reminded that it’s OK and fun to be different whether they’re tall, short, skinny or curvy. Sometimes it can be challenging to fit in any conventional mold due to your unconventional appearance.

A graphic designer and the illustrator Cheyan Lefebvre started her comic blog “Tall N Curly” back in 2012 to inspire every woman to accept the reality and love for who they really are. Ever since she launched her blog, many women shared their own stories due to which she never lacks inspiration and continues her hilarious work with more than 31K followers.


We have listed some of our favorite comics from Cheyan’s blog. Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

To see more of her work, click the following links: tallncurly.com | Instagram | Facebook

  1. 1 Annoying Short Dudes

  2. 2 On The Plane

  3. 3 Spooning With A Shorter Boyfriend

  4. 4 Watching movies isn't normal


  5. 5 Cooking In Someone Else's Kitchen

  6. 6 The only place you can have a peaceful hug

  7. 7 At The Movies

  8. 8 Taking A Shower At Some Friends' Place

  9. 9 Not In The Dryer

  10. 10 True Story...

  11. 11 Looking Up Celebrities' Height On The Internet

  12. 12 You don't have to be so harsh about it

  13. 13 Try to bear it with me

  14. 14 Mirrors are never helpful

  15. 15 My Cousin Mel And The Fridge

  16. 16 Going Shopping With Your Short Bff

  17. 17 If I Could Speak My Mind

  18. 18 Be an example to the children whether you like it or not

  19. 19 Short friends

  20. 20 Finding fitting clothes is a tough ask

  21. 21 Take notes boys

  22. 22 My 10 year challenge. Who can relate??

  23. 23 A couch can never be your sleep place

  24. 24 Only I can brush Me

  25. 25 All kinds of wind shall affect me

  26. 26 I had to try it

  27. 27 Who looks better?

  28. 28 Respect their opinion even if it's hard

  29. 29 Can't follow no trends

  30. 30 This is what my wet hair look like


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