25 Awkward Daily Struggles That Every Tall Girl Can Relate To


Low ceilings, short dresses, <5’11 guys and stuffy seats in the public transport don’t even begin to describe the daily struggles tall girls go through all the time. 


Take a look at this compilation and see some of the funniest, awkward and downright uncomfortable problems that tall girls are sharing about their everyday life.

  1. 1 The mirrors can't take you whole.

  2. 2 "Does someone have a tub for a 6ft girl?"

  3. 3 Also, awkward hugs.

  4. 4 When regular architecture isn't in your favor.


  5. 5 Bumping into lampshades.

  6. 6 The obligatory knee-bent when you're taking picture with your shorter friends.

  7. 7 This isn't good for posture.

  8. 8 Basically, a lot of bending.

  9. 9 The awkward moment when you can look over the toilet doors.

  10. 10 And when you're regularly taller than most doors and doorways.

  11. 11 You're also too tall for your own bed.

  12. 12 And there's never enough leg room!

  13. 13 The flared bottoms become Capri pants for you.

  14. 14 And dresses let things bare...

  15. 15 Full sleeves are never actually full.

  16. 16 And people feel free to say this.

  17. 17 "You don't understand. You don't know!"

  18. 18 You're judged for dating a short(er) guy!

  19. 19 But all the tall guys are dating short girls.

  20. 20 Because how else would you say this and it'll be the best shade ever thrown.

  21. 21 People keep asking you these questions.

  22. 22 But then you finally find your perfect partner.

  23. 23 And think about all the perks of your genetic advantage and you're like...

  24. 24 Basically...


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