24 Times Googly Eyes Made Ordinary Things Hilariously Funny


The beauty of googly eyes is that they can turn anything ranging from ketchup to trees into something funny and cute. On occasion, googly eyes can also be used to add a creepy touch to a photo or an item. It depends upon the designers how they use them to set the mood. 


Listed in this post are 24 photos of instances where the use of googly eyes transformed simple things into special items that are hilarious, adorable or on rare occasions creepy. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 Omygosh - you did what?

  2. 2 Googly eyes gave my dog's butt a surprising new look

  3. 3 Say cheeeeese

  4. 4 Not sure whose eating who....


  5. 5 That's a sad carrot

  6. 6 Easy, Breezy, Beautiful

  7. 7 Even scary looks cute with googly eyes!

  8. 8 I don't think my coworker has noticed yet

  9. 9 Faces in places

  10. 10 Free to be a tree

  11. 11 The avocado family seems a bit overripe, but at least they're happy.

  12. 12 Good hair day

  13. 13 We meet again, SeƱor Banco

  14. 14 ** Evil laughs chorus **

  15. 15 Meet my fridge. His name is Mario.

  16. 16 Violently ill pie

  17. 17 My salsa wasn't feeling very good today

  18. 18 Lily looking

  19. 19 Please don't tell the bank of Canada!

  20. 20 I heard that the walls have ears but this..

  21. 21 Eye bombing at my school gone completely right

  22. 22 This statue at School

  23. 23 Eyebombing these smokes

  24. 24 It's watching you


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