30 Photos That Will Make You Say Enough Internet For Today – Vol 2


Millennials spend most of their day on one device or another, and they’re almost always online. This exposes them to all the good, the bad, and the ugly data that’s available online. They’re themselves involved in creating a lot of content that’s found online. And not all the content found online is sensible, some of the things found on the internet make no sense at all. They’re not only absurd, they’re downright hilarious. 


In this post, we have compiled the worst of all the photos that are found online. They’ll really make you want to log off the internet just to give your eyes a rest. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 So being "Waffle-faced" is actually a thing

  2. 2 Smokey salmon ft chicky

  3. 3 Game of laughs

  4. 4 Looks like thirsty crow from the poem didn't find any water...


  5. 5 Hot buns available

  6. 6 Lets not get into the details

  7. 7 Where's my bunny? What happened to the race?

  8. 8 That's my friend Mark at the dollar store...

  9. 9 Accurate AF!

  10. 10 He's been like that for over an hour. I think he has frozen for real!

  11. 11 Never knew centaurs came in smaller sizes as well

  12. 12 Didn't know Spiderman had children

  13. 13 What kind of a psycho baker made this

  14. 14 The family tree is at risk

  15. 15 Office group activities be like

  16. 16 Best face swap ever

  17. 17 Totally expect that from him

  18. 18 Keeping the true love nearby

  19. 19 The mermaid felt into tar

  20. 20 You said you need the cheapest car mod?

  21. 21 What has technology come to?

  22. 22 Vegans be like

  23. 23 That unicorn is creepy AF

  24. 24 You got trolled, twice!

  25. 25 Bare necessities...

  26. 26 Twinning with the whole fam... quite literally!

  27. 27 You say what!!

  28. 28 Something's a little odd with my horsey today

  29. 29 Just saw this at a service station. I never knew people needed this.

  30. 30 My kids at lunch time


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