30 Funny Memes About People Who Prefer Pets Over Kids


For generations, we’ve been told to get a job, find love, get married, have kids, and retire but, millennials think otherwise. They catch a lot of heat for delaying, or straight up never reaching life milestones such as marriage, home-buying, and baby-making. There are tons of reasons for this that we won’t even bother getting into, reasons that have to do with the cost per year of raising a dog which is average $3085 and for a child, it’s $12-14,000. So, it’s not surprising to say that millennials are choosing pets over kids.

In this post, we have compiled a hilarious list of all the memes millennials are sharing to show they prefer animal babies to human ones because they think pets are just more enjoyable and less of a responsibility than kids. We bet these memes will make you go ROFL. Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

  1. 1 He's less annoying and helps me out

  2. 2 Needs no help from me

  3. 3 Kids vs Dogs. The battle is on!

  4. 4 Because dogs are always cute. Kids are not.


  5. 5 Have your pick

  6. 6 Dogs win the Pros and Cons battle by a huge difference

  7. 7 My future child is better than yours

  8. 8 Right fricking here

  9. 9 I'm better than all of them

  10. 10 Having dogs is definitely better

  11. 11 Finally making the right choices

  12. 12 I already have a dog

  13. 13 Doodle of the day

  14. 14 Dogs are always a better option

  15. 15 Are these twins?

  16. 16 Lesser annoying creatures, better experience.

  17. 17 Help me find one

  18. 18 And I've found the perfect match

  19. 19 I shall bring my baby along then

  20. 20 My idea of a large family

  21. 21 Perfect solution

  22. 22 And don't cry all the time

  23. 23 That's all of us

  24. 24 Public opinion doesn't lie

  25. 25 Dogs >> Children

  26. 26 More loyal than children

  27. 27 Because Your Kids Can Talk Back

  28. 28 Get your baby changed into a puppy and all problems will be solved


  29. 29 Only if we could have a conversation some day

  30. 30 I already have one


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