23 Incredibly Beautiful Henna Tattoo Designs


Henna, or mehndi as it is traditionally known in the region, is a South Asian and African beauty art that goes back many centuries. The designs are made from a paste produced by grinding henna leaves with water and letting it sit. 

Henna is a traditional staple for weddings in the region. No bride is ever considered ready for the big ceremony unless there’s a bit of henna applied on her hands and feet. After you apply henna just leave it for a couple of hours, and in some cases 30-40 minutes, and then simply rinse. The colour will stay on for about a few days and will then fade away.


If you are into having designs and art on your skin but can’t commit to the permanency of the tattoo, we think henna is a totally cool alternative. You can even start with it and see how you feel about getting that permanent tattoo.



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