30 Hilarious Photoshop Manipulation That Will Blow Your Mind


The internet is a hub of global talent and diversity that is giving birth to entirely new genres of arts and even culture. By bringing together, people from diverse backgrounds and equipping them with hi-tech online tools at a bargain, the internet has facilitated in creating an entirely new world order. 

One of the genres of art in this new world is Photo Manipulation.


Photo Manipulation allows the photographers and photo editors to express themselves pictorially by delivering strong messages by editing ordinary photographs into surreal, abstract or pretty much anything they deem fit. 

Listed in this post are photos of 30 awesome Photo Manipulations that will seriously blow your mind. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 Anyone want some fresh cadbury?

  2. 2 A new meaning for the term "blow job"

  3. 3 Gosh the resemblance

  4. 4 The little one's next in line


  5. 5 So you think Centaurs are cool? Check this out!

  6. 6 Got these new Nike shoes. Gonna save up for a pair of legs now.

  7. 7 Getting dragged down memory lane

  8. 8 When you open a chocolate in front of your friends

  9. 9 That's how my ex went outta my life

  10. 10 Hurry. We dont have much time.

  11. 11 That one guy in every class who knows every gossip

  12. 12 People spying in relationships like

  13. 13 Nope. Nothing in here!

  14. 14 When that one french fry won't stay in

  15. 15 'A whole new meaning to "doing it all over again"

  16. 16 Let me be the mommy now

  17. 17 No space for clingy boyfriends here

  18. 18 I am not feeling well Mr. Stark

  19. 19 When the caffeine rush kicks in

  20. 20 Your plane crashes and you wake up on an island. This guy greets you. How fast would you run?!

  21. 21 Playboy cover candidate number 1

  22. 22 Curls and floss. Whattay combo!

  23. 23 When he says, "I'm vegan"

  24. 24 Life of a tennis player

  25. 25 Froggy recommends Colgate

  26. 26 In a parallel universe

  27. 27 When the workload is too much

  28. 28 Nature's work

  29. 29 Face swaps can be tricky

  30. 30 Shorts girls in group photos be like


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