25 Epic Architecture Fails


Sometimes the architects mess up so bad that you can’t help but wonder if they were drunk when they designed the buildings. What’s even more surprising is how come these buildings passed the quality checks by the builders and even the owners. Was everyone careless? Did no one notice these architecture fails that are so obvious?


Listed in this post are hilarious architecture fails that were only noticed after the building was complete and operational. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 When the budget ends mid project

  2. 2 The season ticket costs $0

  3. 3 Just missing by a bit

  4. 4 What's the ideal height for living here?


  5. 5 Only the talented may enter here....

  6. 6 This shall stay a puzzle

  7. 7 Especially designed to mess up with you

  8. 8 Stairway to nothing

  9. 9 The architect made a long lasting joke

  10. 10 Because even a little tiny window can make the difference if your father has used the toilet just before you...

  11. 11 What were they planning to do with these doors anyway?

  12. 12 Come have a seat? Nevermind...

  13. 13 Ever thought of taking a shit on a throne?

  14. 14 That's why the tall ones have all the cash

  15. 15 Plot twist

  16. 16 Now what?!

  17. 17 These horizontal spiraled bricks

  18. 18 Anyone know the logic behind this?

  19. 19 I want a pint of whatever this architect was drinking

  20. 20 Story of my life!

  21. 21

  22. 22

  23. 23

  24. 24

  25. 25 Close Enough......


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