22 Students Whose Prom Outfits are So Good That They’d Fit Right in as Met Gala Guests


You know when we ponder on the facts, it seems that prom night and met gala have quite a lot of similarities, don’t you agree? Agonizing over the details of what to wear, the scent of luxurious limousines, photo props, and the curiosity of who’s going to win the night and where all gather to see and be seen! Well, yeah, folks! The two biggest nights are similar except only one thing and that is the difference of being a celebrity and being a student *wink*. Though many of you may disagree because prom night can also make some students feel like a celebrity as well. They dress up so beautifully that if given a chance, they can be chosen as the best dressed for Met Gala.


In this post, we have listed photos of 22 students whose prom outfits are so good that they’d fit right in as Met Gala guests. Scroll on to see for yourself and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 Did he lose a bet or something?

  2. 2 Mermaid washed up ashore.

  3. 3 He's pulling it off.

  4. 4 Lookin' fly.


  5. 5 I don't get the head scarf.

  6. 6 He has it going on.

  7. 7 Modern day rap in one picture.

  8. 8 Graceful.

  9. 9 They're going full retro.

  10. 10 What if she has to go to the bathroom?

  11. 11 How did her parents let her leave the house.

  12. 12 Mystery woman.

  13. 13 She was the highlight of Prom.

  14. 14

  15. 15 Masquerade themed Prom.

  16. 16 That dress is a work of art.

  17. 17 The dress is pretty cute, but must be a nightmare to manage.

  18. 18 When the boys ask you to go on a night out.

  19. 19 How do people make these dresses?

  20. 20 Keeping it classy.

  21. 21 No one is going to be looking at her dress.

  22. 22 They're going full retro.


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