31 Photos of Romantic People Who Can Make Anyone Fall in Love With Them


Cheesy romance isn’t for everyone. Some people believe that romance is not practical and it only exists in perfect fairy tales while others believe in butterflies and roses. The latter category usually comprises of people who are mushy and overly romantic. For them being in a relationship is a constant romance-fest in pursuit of their long-lasting happiness.

In this post, we have listed 31 photos of hopelessly romantic people who can make anyone fall in love with them. These couples are the cutest and the will definitely make you say, “awwww.”


Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

  1. 1 So my boyfriend always asked me why I did my makeup on the floor...so while I was gone for a week he did this for me. I’m obsessed!

  2. 2 Wife had a bit to much to drink so I made a nice romantic candle setting for her with pillow and blankets by the ivory throne complete with hair rubber band, water, socks, and nose spray. I'm going to sleep, candles are battery operated.

  3. 3 I wouldn't say no to this proposal..

  4. 4 My boyfriend surprised me and turned my favorite picture of us into pop art and then I got it made into a canvas 😍I love it so much


  5. 5 Got to work this morning and I didn’t even notice. I’m so lucky, I cried like a baby.

  6. 6 Those eyes though!

  7. 7 He just made her day!

  8. 8 This guy gave his girlfriend his sneakers because her shoes hurt her feet.

  9. 9 I hate chocolate. So my boyfriend cooked my favorite food and designed it this way.

  10. 10 So blessed to have him

  11. 11 He said "I washed them for you"

  12. 12 My girlfriends ex boyfriend stole her PS4 so I got her a new one

  13. 13 My husband always got colored pencils for his birthday and Christmas growing up and he hates them cause he’s colorblind. He’s wanted an iPhone forever so today I bought him one and this is how I wrapped it.

  14. 14 Check out what my boyfriend made me!

  15. 15 My girlfriend showed up to a party for my birthday dressed as me

  16. 16 A 92-year-old man making a card for his 93-year-old wife

  17. 17 My boyfriend and I met at the dog park, so it was really their 2 year anniversary last weekend

  18. 18 My dad surprised my mom for their 30th anniversary and had a bench dedicated to her at the park where they always walk together

  19. 19 A guy at the salon is straight up feeding his girl chicken nuggets while she gets her nails done and that’s the kind of love and support I need

  20. 20 I didn't have a pic of my girl to put in my lil locket so I just drew her

  21. 21 My mans got the sound waves of him saying he loves me printed on a canvas

  22. 22 That's what she got on valentine ...

  23. 23 My girlfriend always falls asleep during movies & tonight she tried to trick me. I'm not even mad, I'm in love

  24. 24 Romance still exists. My friend snapped this yesterday in NYC.

  25. 25 She is going to get the best gift ever!

  26. 26 Asked my boyfriend his opinion on this shirt and this was his reply...

  27. 27 Sounds legit!

  28. 28 My dad used to help my mom get ready and i can’t even get a text back

  29. 29 Great idea for sure!

  30. 30 Find yourself a guy who purposely feeds his cows in the shape of a heart just to send to you


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