22 Funny Photos That Will Make You Say Nope


We live in times where lots of funny memes and photos are available on internet. Most of us have in our social circle at least few funny and weird people who keep taking and sharing stupid pictures in stupid poses. Social media websites like Facebook, twitter and Instagram make sure we have easy access to all such photos. And occasionally we all try to copy these weird friends and see if we can do what they do or not.


Listed below in this post are 22 such kind of funny and weird pictures which will make you laugh out loud, however these are few of those pictures which should have a statement like World Wrestling Entertainments (WWE) reading “PLEASE DONT TRY THIS AT HOME”. Anyways these are not the kind of pictures anybody will want to recreate, so scroll then peeps and enjoy these hilarious pictures!

  1. 1 Want this mysterious manicure?

  2. 2 Being creative as you go

  3. 3 May I ask you for a dance?

  4. 4 So my my friends replaced my hair wax with creamy mustard


  5. 5 Red Bull gives you wings, but does it take away your brain?

  6. 6 When an Arab guy cross dresses

  7. 7 Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope, Hell Nope!

  8. 8 When sleep is precious but you've gotta iron the shirt too

  9. 9 The dose my gf takes before getting into an argument with me

  10. 10 Mind blown!

  11. 11 Gotta obey mommy

  12. 12 Me on payday

  13. 13 Survival booth for an apocalypse

  14. 14 When your crush says she likes teddy bears

  15. 15 Crocs can be more useful than you think

  16. 16 She's got all the tools

  17. 17 What frustration can do to you

  18. 18 When life gives you board pins, make cereal out of it?

  19. 19 Is this a scene from a horror thriller?

  20. 20 Ever CPR-ed a fish?

  21. 21 Organic clothing

  22. 22 How I feel when my gf interferes in everything I do


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