22 Funniest Dads of the Year


One of the best gifts of life that we get is our dads. They’ll go above and beyond to protect us, and they’ll be our partners in crime. A father is a girl’s superhero, and a boy’s best friend. They’re annoying sometimes with their pranks, but life is just so incomplete without their hilarious tricks and not so funny jokes. 


Listed In this post are hilarious photos featuring 22 dads in action. They’re all awesome, but number 10 is my favorite. Who’s yours? Scroll down and find out:

  1. 1 When you ask your dad for an IPAD...

  2. 2 Funny scare doesn't hurt anyone!

  3. 3 He's one dad who went above and beyond with teaching lessons but in funny way!

  4. 4 Too literal, dad!


  5. 5 Good job, Dad!

  6. 6 Spa day is really important for this cool dad!

  7. 7 Very over protective father with good sense of humour!

  8. 8 My dad’s reaction to my sister’s first driving lesson.

  9. 9 Exact photo description of a dad joke in action

  10. 10 This father hilariously recreated her daughter's Instagram photo!

  11. 11 My dad calls it my virginity protection blanket or "V.P.B." for short

  12. 12 My dad was looking at me like this for like 5 minutes until I looked down at his plate

  13. 13 lolAAAAAZABENYA.....

  14. 14 The hidden message....

  15. 15 My uncle and dad found my cousin's hair extensions, and sent the whole family glamour shots.

  16. 16 His shirt says it all!

  17. 17 My dad just got his chest port for chemotherapy today. Here he is testing it out.

  18. 18 My father hanging out with his granddaughter!

  19. 19 Found my dad playing pool like this.

  20. 20 My dad thought he was home alone. I had to see why he was laughing so hard..

  21. 21 My Dad is building an outhouse. This is what he sends me...

  22. 22 My dad's handiwork with his very cooperative dog!


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