22 Fashion Trends That Need To Disappear ASAP


Some fashion trends are so pathetic you can’t help but say “WTF” when you lay your eyes on them. It’s quite surprising how people actually follow these trends, and how the designers even come up with them. I guess they’re all just following the bandwagon wherever it goes without worrying about what it entails. 


Listed in this post are 22 hilarious and wacky fashion trends that just need to disappear as soon as possible. The fifth one is just absurd, scroll down and see for yourself peeps:

  1. 1 This is your thing if you've got the rash problem

  2. 2 Cut-out detachable jeans are as awful as they sound

  3. 3 Only for comic cons please

  4. 4 Wanna wear pants and show the legs at the same time? Here's your solution


  5. 5 When laces are your one true love

  6. 6 Dying armpit hair is possibly the most bizarre fashion trend you'll ever see

  7. 7 Denim reminding you of your childhood times when you played in the muddy yard

  8. 8 When being two faced isn't enough

  9. 9 People that think wearing pants and shoes separately is a waste of time say aye!

  10. 10 Perfect leg showcasing plan for a rainy day

  11. 11 I'll never understand what this was about

  12. 12 Only for the two-faced

  13. 13 This guy has extremely small legs

  14. 14 When leggings are life

  15. 15 When your shoes are your part time mailman

  16. 16 Don't try these at home

  17. 17 One snap of the fingers and all your plates shall be clean

  18. 18 The fur times are gone now

  19. 19 When your shoes ask for their own pair of jeans

  20. 20 This is a whole new level of showing off

  21. 21 Can't let go of your little pet? Just carry it around in your jewelry!

  22. 22 When one pair of jeans isn't enough to fulfill your needs


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