22 Epic Fails Caught On Camera


Sometimes when you’re having a bad day, you’ll attract bad luck like magnets attract iron. It is days like these when your drink will spill on you, you’ll fall in ways that really hurt, and the things you touch will just turn into a disaster. In this post, we’ve listed epic fails that you’ll encounter on blue days like that. 


Scroll down, you will find more than one picture that’ll be easily be relatable. It is both ironic and hilarious. Enjoy the photos peeps:

  1. 1 Boop the snoot!

  2. 2 Gotta beware of the waves next time

  3. 3 Right in your face!

  4. 4 Straight Priorities


  5. 5 Photobomb Level: Over 9000

  6. 6 Dad said - I'll become an astronaut!

  7. 7 This happens when you watch too much of Hunger Games.

  8. 8 My accidental sacrifice in the name of art. Goodbye, eyelashes

  9. 9 It's her party and she can cry if she want to!

  10. 10 Poor Winnie. What did they do to you?

  11. 11 Climbing over never looked so bad.

  12. 12 Decided to rent this flat because of the huge TV

  13. 13 Toilet paper surprise

  14. 14 Someone, please teach this man how to ride a horse.

  15. 15 Never seen a discount go that far

  16. 16 You know why people fail so miserably? It’s because they try to act cool just like the girl in the back trying to light the wrong side of cigarette

  17. 17 Here is an epic blond moment...!

  18. 18 Banana's what?! I'm curious now!

  19. 19 There goes another one. Let's go back home and start over!


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