16 Unexpected and Bizarre Things People Found at the Beach


Things are found on the beach every minute, it’s not something out of the blue. If you are like me then the only items you find on the beach are rocks, seashells, jellyfish and the usual seaweed. However, not everyone is as unlucky as we tend to be. 


People have found amazing, bizarre, priceless and all sorts of items on the beach. So, let’s take a look at them and cry at our luck. 

  1. 1 Thousands of sneakers found washed ashore in the Netherlands

  2. 2 A giant Lego man washed onto the shore of Yuigahama beach

  3. 3 When sea gives you a lot of Doritos

  4. 4 Found a bit of driftwood on the beach...


  5. 5 This terrifying sea creature was found dead on a beach

  6. 6 An unknown dead animal washed ashore in San Diego in 2012

  7. 7 P-38 Found on Welsh Beach

  8. 8 One strange day in the Netherlands, a beach had bananas everywhere

  9. 9 A tombstone that is 150 years old of someone named Delia Presby Otter


  10. 10 The scary skeleton of a fish found on a beach in Victoria, Australia

  11. 11 Hundreds of manta rays were found on a beach in Gaza City

  12. 12 A Man-O-War jellyfish beached in Boca Raton, Florida.

  13. 13 Be sure to check the tide report before you park on the beach.

  14. 14 An old, rusted pistol in Discovery Park, Seattle

  15. 15 A Bike That Crossed the Ocean

  16. 16 A Giant Crocodile Head


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