20 Uncanny Cat Resemblance That Will Make You Laugh


Who doesn’t love cats? They’re cute, cuddly and smart. And oh they have a sassy attitude as well. Cats are also really good at posing too. They can have 101 looks if they want. They will resemble anything they want, from turkey to Einstein nothing is an exception. 

Listed in this post are 20 hilarious photos of uncanny cat resemblances that will really make you laugh out loud. Don’t miss out the 13th one, it will seriously make you laugh:

  1. 1 I am hungry and this is what my cat does

  2. 2 Dobbie's a free elf

  3. 3 My fluffy key Ring

  4. 4 Albert Catstien


  5. 5 Tell me, do you bleed?

  6. 6 My cat becomes a door mat when she's sleepy

  7. 7 Mini Charlie Chaplin

  8. 8 My cat does the perfect Wilford Brimley face

    imgur | imgur

  9. 9 Meet the new addition to Mythbusters

  10. 10 Scarier than Maleficent

  11. 11 My cat looks more like a seal than a cat

  12. 12 Gotta train my dragon soon

  13. 13 Kitty Minaj

  14. 14 That's right, because she chews absolutely everything

  15. 15 All hail the Warrior Princess

  16. 16 Still a better love story than the actual Twilight

  17. 17 Presenting my very own Mr Buns

  18. 18 My cat wasn't too happy to do the star fruit

  19. 19 Kitty looks kinda Stuffed

  20. 20 My cat keeps trying to imitate this show Piece


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