20 Unbelievable Yet Incredible Moments Captured at Perfect Time


Photography is all about capturing the right moment at the right angle. Some photographers are experts at what they do. They perfectly time their photos to capture beautiful moments of life on camera. Some of these pictures have immortalized the wonders of nature, others are just comical illusions brought to life by superb camera work.


Listed below are 20 perfectly timed pictures. Most of them seem like coincidences, but who cares when they give you a good laugh. Enjoy the compilation below:

  1. 1 Promised change. Changed promise. EZ!

  2. 2 Lets play fetch

  3. 3 Tickle Tickle Tickle..

  4. 4 Doing laundry with friends is always fun


  5. 5 Damn! I knew I forgot something

  6. 6 Eagle Eye

  7. 7 Incomingg!

  8. 8 This is the first time you'll see planes romancing

  9. 9 No matter how hard you try. You can never be as cool as this duck!

  10. 10 Supernatural

  11. 11 Exploring the Black Hole

  12. 12 Lord, I need a recharge..

  13. 13 The colorful world of Narnia

  14. 14 Hey there captain. Tell me your secrets?

  15. 15 Ant Rambo

  16. 16 Just need to find a giant hamster for the wheel

  17. 17 When you drink too much Red Bull

  18. 18 Predators don't always use teeth

  19. 19 How many nuts do you want for lunch?

  20. 20 When you forget the dress code


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