20 Times You Had Weird Thoughts in the Shower


Everyone thinks about weird things in the shower. Alternate universes, witty comebacks to insults suffered 7 years ago, philosophical wanderings of the mind, clever ways to make your crush know that you exist, and answers to life’s daily problems as well as ways to end global issues, all these thoughts swirl around in your mind while you’re scrubbing away your dirt.

This Twitter account, however, is on a completely new level of thoughts one might have in the shower. These are funny, absolutely relatable and some will actually leave you speechless. Therefore, we dived deep into it and selected some for your extended procrastination.


Here you go.

  1. 1 The struggle is real.

  2. 2 But now a large one.

  3. 3 This is the correct use of 'literally'.

  4. 4 Now when you think about it...


  5. 5 That's actually true.

  6. 6 Deep thoughts.

  7. 7 Exactly!

  8. 8 It still won't save you in the end, though.

  9. 9 And that's why kids, you gotta come up with better solutions.

  10. 10 You know it.

  11. 11 And it can't even cry!

  12. 12 Yeah, what's with that?

  13. 13 *immediately starts counting*

  14. 14 That's deep. Obvious. But deep.

  15. 15 It never sets.

  16. 16 *starts watching LotR again*

  17. 17 Is this comfort worth having?

  18. 18 Why, though?

  19. 19 It's all in the head...

  20. 20 Seriously.


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