26 Times Where Safety Was Not a Priority


These days we have special laws for human safety and even in workplace we have health and safety departments whose job is to ensure people protection termed as PP, we have special equipment known as people protection equipment or PPE. 

But in spite of all these measures still there are a few individuals who lack the greatest safety tool required i.e. common sense. They break all rules and if something does happen then government and law enforcing agencies are blamed. Such type of individuals are sometimes too lazy to use caution, other times they are just careless and think that nothing would happen however they forget that frequency of accidents is low but once accidents do happen they can be fatal so caution should always be used.


Listed below are 26 cases where safety was completely ignored. Especially check out the 8th, 13th and 16th photos that illustrate that human beings can be quite stupid sometimes. 

  1. 1 Russian urban climber just being Russian

  2. 2 He doesn't do much anyway

  3. 3 Couldn't wait for backup I guess

  4. 4 They love sightseeing anyway


  5. 5 Because hands aren't important to some people

  6. 6 When your ladder is capable of moving by itself

  7. 7 Just another day at work

  8. 8 Slides have always been my favorite place to play

  9. 9 Living on the edge

  10. 10 The light was being so frustrating he risked his life

  11. 11 When its the last ride home

  12. 12 Live on the top floor. AC not working. Dying would be better!

  13. 13 Walking on a thin line here

  14. 14 At least he cares about his eyes

  15. 15 Self made automated mechanic

  16. 16 My smoke's precious

  17. 17 The welder's beauty conscious

  18. 18 Using all he could

  19. 19 This could end up really badly

  20. 20 Totally trustworthy friends only

  21. 21 Fancy some leg kebabs tonight?

  22. 22 Because team work matters most

  23. 23 Can you handle the heat?

  24. 24 Good moms let their kids lick the beaters, great moms turn them off first!

  25. 25 This is the moment new house safety rules were set

  26. 26 Russian workers got no chill


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