20 Times When Dads Were Left Alone With Their Kids


With great power comes great responsibility, and who has greater power and greater responsibility than a father?  But some dads take this responsibility way too seriously and that is exactly the reason why dads should never be left alone with kids. 

Here we have compiled a list of 20 such moments where kids and dads were left together without any supervision. We bet that this list will make you laugh despite of whether you are a parent or not. And if you are a mom watching this list, you better check your husband, he might be giving your kid a funny haircut. Scroll down guys, you are gonna love these dad-kid moments.

  1. 1 Play Dangerous Games

    Things you can't do when mom is here.

  2. 2 Friend posted this, "Anyone else want me to babysit their kid? When they act up I give them old men haircuts."

    If my 7 year old looks like me, then I must not be that old!

  3. 3 Takes the Plunge

    The easiest way to handle your kids at a shopping mall.

  4. 4 One Handed


  5. 5 It's Always "His Turn"

    Put your back into it!

  6. 6 Here’s a little print off to conveniently leave so your children and wife can find it.

  7. 7 The Hairy Chair

    Someone ask him the reason of his long hairs

  8. 8 Dad's Here to Give You Bath

    This dad doesn't know how much soap he has to put in.

  9. 9 The Baby In Bag

    I was advised to take her wherever I go and never leave her alone. 

  10. 10 Reverse Jenga

    The world record for reverse baby's forehead jenga is 4ft... don't try to beat this and never try at home.

  11. 11 I Found This When I Came Back

    His dad said "I was teaching him about life "

  12. 12 Mom Said Don't Leave The Bed

    Their mom asked me to don't let them leave the bed. 

  13. 13 When You Have Important Call

    It was an important call.... And tired of standing

  14. 14 Half Buried


    My kids are running here and there so I buried their legs but they are still enjoying it

  15. 15 How To Be A Dad

    My Husband has to buy some things from the market so he put his son with him to help him.

  16. 16 This Is So Rude

    Love her like you love your pet. I was Not expecting that

  17. 17 He Uses The Kid As a Grocery Cart

    More like a personal shopping cart.

  18. 18 Active Dad

    You should be active when you are alone with your kids and look now he is active 

  19. 19 She Wanted A Swing So He Became One

    She was bored but his dad made a swing for her 

  20. 20 Unpleasant

    I sent her with her dad to the market. After watching this I think it was not a good idea.


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