20 Times Reflection Revealed Too Much


When you’re taking a cool and sexy selfie. Be sure to check the mirrors in your surroundings, they may show a lot more than you may have originally intended. And Even then, just for the sake of precaution double check your pictures. It is really embarrassing when you post a picture of yourself in an amazing suit, but the mirror shows you’re not really wearing anything but under pants beneath your cool jacket. Sometimes the mirror will just reveal too much whether you’re snapping a shot or not. 


Listed in this post are 20 photos where the reflections of the posts revealed too much: 

  1. 1 I think it would be better if you move your hand tough guy!

  2. 2 Who wore it better?!

  3. 3 Another traffic hero!

  4. 4 This is a family dinner. Did you feel the weather?


  5. 5 Please honey not now!

  6. 6 The reflection of this bartender is a little too perfect...

  7. 7 Tough-guy selfie fail. Always check your reflection and never forget to put on the pants!

  8. 8 There is no time and place for breast examination.

  9. 9 Just another CASUAL mirror Shot!

  10. 10 Did you find anything fishy in this picture?

  11. 11 Wow. They're wearing the same shoes and their legs also look kinda same!

  12. 12 Another bathroom mirror blunder!

  13. 13 Another bae caught me sleeping beauty!

  14. 14 The confusion I felt when I looked for my feet in the mirror was immense...

  15. 15 Where do you pick up a hybrid civic mercedes?

  16. 16 Selfie with orangutans? No need to worry?

  17. 17 Dat Reflection....

  18. 18 Best way of time pass while doing your business.....

  19. 19 Or instead of mirror you could use your twin!

  20. 20 Whoa! Now that's creepy!


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