20 Times People Were Being Funny With Statues


Statues are a symbol of art, intellect and history. They have always been a way of paying tribute to the legends. People have always been fascinated by statues and it is not unusual to find people taking pictures with them. However some people just get carried away with their photos.


We have gathered a collection of 20 such comical moments where people just went too far with statues. The 5th one will make you hysterical with laughter:   

  1. 1 Riding the Asgard Express

  2. 2 Get off my lawn kid!

  3. 3 Are you Google? Because you're everything I am searching for.

  4. 4 Keep the cash and don't worry about it. It's just a brief case.


  5. 5 Seeing your friends on Friday night

  6. 6 No candy for either one of you!

  7. 7 Welcome to Narnia!

  8. 8 Here grandpa, this is how you buy bitcoin.

  9. 9 But she only liked my comment babe

  10. 10 Hulk Smash!

  11. 11 What do I know? I'm stoned!

  12. 12 High Five!

  13. 13 To be or not to be?

  14. 14 Oh what does this button do?

  15. 15 Noo! We bearly got to know each other!

  16. 16 When a statue gets more action than you..

  17. 17 It's Zumba Timee!

  18. 18 Still a better love triangle than Twilight

  19. 19 When someone corrects your grammar

  20. 20 Let me do the Fingering..


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