20 Times Grey’s Anatomy Gave Us Important Life Lessons


Let’s face it: Grey’s Anatomy is one of the best TV shows there is. The characters are complex and authentic and damaged. Their lives aren’t simple because lives aren’t simple anyway. Though the story moves around the titular character but Meredith Grey is far from being the only major character in the series, which makes sense because otherwise the show wouldn’t have had been able to enjoy its long run. 

The real strength of the story is the story itself: the anatomy of Meredith Grey and how all the strong, important, complex and multidimensional character she meets in her path, shape her, change her anatomy and in turn are shaped by her. 


And this medical drama is filled with heart-wrenching, unpredictable and memorable quotes that hit you hard and give you major life lessons.

Here, we are sharing our favorite twenty.  

  1. 1 When Meredith said this.

  2. 2 And this!

  3. 3 Sometimes this is all the therapy that you need.

  4. 4 Because no voice should go unheard.

  5. 5 You should love yourself the best!

  6. 6 Your partner isn't your gravity. That's you.

  7. 7 Humility is attractive.


  8. 8 It's the fear of the grand unknown that holds you back - don't let it.

  9. 9 You're allowed to have more than one soul mate.

  10. 10 When Christina said this!

  11. 11 Be you!

  12. 12 Action, woman, action!

  13. 13 Baby steps. One day at a time.

  14. 14 It can get exhausting.

  15. 15 Knowledge alone isn't enough.

  16. 16 When Callie reminded us of this.

  17. 17 Know that you did your best. Walk tall.

  18. 18 What you allow is what will continue.

  19. 19 And that's when you put on that warrior helmet!

  20. 20 Make this your chant.


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