20 Times Elevators Were Amazingly Innovative


Innovation accepts no boundaries and barriers. It can happen at any point and can transform anything. Even the simple commodities that we use on daily basis can become awesome with just a pinch of creativity. From a simple staircase to an elevator, anything can be made interesting by breaking the chains of convention and giving it a slight flavor of creativity.


Here we have 20 moments where simple elevators were made fun by amazing innovative ideas that surprised everyone. Don’t miss the 7th one, its mind blowing: 

  1. 1 This gym's marketing team deserves a medal!

  2. 2 Mcbutts!

  3. 3 An elevator ride to the rain forest..

  4. 4 This deserves to be a Zoo Elevator..


  5. 5 Come on. Don't 'fall' for it.

  6. 6 Elevator cum window

  7. 7 That scary moment when this elevator door opens..

  8. 8 Top Floor = Krypton

  9. 9 Would you dare?

  10. 10 Scare them into buying your products. That's one way of doing it.

  11. 11 I hope you like war movies.

  12. 12 I am gonna need warm clothes before stepping in

  13. 13 The elevator is secured by lip locks

  14. 14 Ahh I came here to avoid the stairs!

  15. 15 JAWS (Elevator version)

  16. 16 My Elevator guy's a beast

  17. 17 Guess I'll prefer the stairs..

  18. 18 I think FedEx doesn't know what a waste this has been.

  19. 19 Marketing level: Legendary!

  20. 20 My Elevator is bald..


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