20 Times Chinese Photoshop Experts Fixed Photos Hilariously


There is a lot that can happen to a picture if it lands in the hand of a person who knows his/her way around Photoshop. From a random stranger photobombing an image to outfit swaps, anything is possible. 


The Chinese have a great sense of humor. They can sure make a photo interesting with a bit of Photoshop magic here and there. Listed in this post are 20 hilarious images spiced up in Photoshop. Look closely at number 8. They’re a lot more to the photo than what you will probably see in first glance. That’s the magic of Photoshop peeps. 

  1. 1 Make me look like a famous politician's son

  2. 2 This woman asked to have a handsome man put in the photo with her

  3. 3 We just graduated, please make this more interesting!

  4. 4 My mate looks a little dull. Can you make his face more exciting?


  5. 5 Here is a picture of myself, can someone make it cool?

  6. 6 Can you please make me look like a hero with courage

  7. 7 The guy wanted to look cooler

  8. 8 Can you bring us together?

  9. 9 Make the girl with me funnier

  10. 10 Make me look better please. I have to show it to my father in law.

  11. 11 Give me the power to produce fire

  12. 12 Give me more protection

  13. 13 Make me look beautiful.

  14. 14 Change the girl with another girl please

  15. 15 This guy wanted to look dangerous.

  16. 16 She wanted Prince Charming with her.

  17. 17 Can you make me run faster?

  18. 18 Make me look like a gangster

  19. 19 He wanted to look less bored and less awkward.

  20. 20 Make me more sexy


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