20 Times Airport Security Went Too Far


We have all heard the stories about airport security, and we all have had our doubts about the overly exaggerated accounts put together by media and news regarding this issue. Reasonable Security is obviously necessary to prevent mishaps and problems, and I am sure nobody minds it. But law enforcement needs to be kept in check too. In many instances, airport security crosses the line and ends up checking out a lot more than luggage.  We’re not really in a position to say much about it either. Because they may be diffusing a threat to national security. Yeah right! 


In this post we have listed 20 photos that have caught the airport security red handed in their so called “security checks”. Some of these photos are actually quite hilarious. Scroll down and enjoy:

  1. 1 Seems more of a designer clothing studio instead of airport security check!

  2. 2 You got something worth looking at down there?

  3. 3 Looks like he needs more time to examine what he found

  4. 4 This guy takes his airport dressing seriously


  5. 5 The TSA have super healing powers

  6. 6 What workout routine do you follow for these thighs?!

  7. 7 Can you please check my diaper?

  8. 8 Oh You Did Not!!

  9. 9 Don't worry granny. I'll bring the spark back.

  10. 10 Straight to third base

  11. 11 I told you if you cooperated, it wouldn't hurt

  12. 12 She got really touched by the act

  13. 13 Gotta look me in the eyes if you want it to work

  14. 14 Don't worry kid. You're in safe hands!

  15. 15 This guy went too far

  16. 16 So officer, did you find what you were looking for?


  17. 17 Nobody told me airports offer strip shows

  18. 18 We detect excessive silicone here Kim

  19. 19 Gotta go around the globe

  20. 20 Hands in the air ladies!


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