27 Things That Will Restore Your Faith in Designers


If you’re one of our regular readers, heck if you’re even a keen observer, you may have lost your faith in most designers. Frankly the 80-20 rule applies on designers too. 80% of the designs pretty much suck. It’s the 20% top cream of designers that seriously restore our faith in the existence of good design. 


After posting so many hilarious design fails, we have decided to show you the other side of the picture. In this post we have shared 20 amazing things that prove that good design exists too, and it’s not as rare as you might be tempted to believe it is. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 You'd feel different sitting on this bar for sure

  2. 2 What if this socket catches a cold?

  3. 3 Geeky Door Knob

  4. 4 Always keep a stock


  5. 5 Only me eats my sushi!

  6. 6 My coffee would get cold every time

  7. 7 Turn the trigger and you're good to go

  8. 8 For those who claim we can't find the crossing

  9. 9 Making the world a better place

  10. 10 One solution for all those spills

  11. 11 Why did I never think of this?!

  12. 12 I want these little guys on my tea cups

  13. 13 Roll down to work every morning

  14. 14 Just gotta find the material this bicycle's made of

  15. 15 Always have the roll in your reach

  16. 16 It's still harmful for your health

  17. 17 Not your ordinary door

  18. 18 Mr. Beaver Pencil Sharpener

  19. 19 Head lock man to the rescue

  20. 20 Say yes to slavery?

  21. 21 Sparkle Palace Cocktail Table by John Foster

  22. 22 My kinda photo frame

  23. 23 Different compartments to categorize all your collection

  24. 24 Grocery shopping would be a lot easier from now on

  25. 25 We all need this!!

  26. 26

  27. 27 This is an interesting chair. I'd be a little afraid to sit on it.


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