20 Things Ruined By Kids

  1. 1 The path of destruction

  2. 2 They made it snow indoors

  3. 3 At least you know where he's been

  4. 4 Imaginary mud isn't as fun as chocolate syrup


  5. 5 How to destroy the toilet in one simple step

  6. 6 Pets should be well fed.

  7. 7 paint time

  8. 8 2 glasses of flour, same of sugar...

  9. 9 He wanted to make a floor omelette

  10. 10 This little guy got so tuckered out wrecking the house that he passed out cold

  11. 11 Too much laptop puzzles so it’s justifiable to take some off

  12. 12 A hell of a painting job.

  13. 13 Permanent marker, Clearasil zit cream, and nail polish...so proud

  14. 14 Looks like someone decided to redecorate.

  15. 15 RAW EGGS + COUCH = …

  16. 16 She thought it was a coloring book

  17. 17 chewing gum button remote.

  18. 18 This is why I will probably never buy a new car again. My three children have definitely ruined it.

  19. 19 Not having an easy time organizing her closet.

  20. 20 There’s something fishy about this phone call.


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