20 Teachers With Proficient Sense of Humor


Teaching might seem like an easy job while you are still in school or college however the dynamic completely changes as you become one. I believe all teachers can agree to the fact that teaching is one of the toughest and most important jobs in the world. 

Since, this job is so hard, it is very important for teachers to find humor in their routine tasks if they want to stay sane. So, if you are a teacher and you know that it’s the need of the hour to loosen up to make it out alive, then these 20 images are meant for you. 


Scroll down as we have hilarious pictures that show teachers at the top of their trolling game. 

  1. 1 My Teacher Has A Strict Policy

  2. 2 A Teacher Needs To Be Fired

  3. 3 My Teacher Put My Selfie On The Whiteboard Because I Always Make Fun In Class

  4. 4 Touché To My Physics Teacher


  5. 5 How My Teacher Friend Gives Her Extra Credit

  6. 6 Cheaters Never Win, Unless They Follow This Advice

  7. 7 Funny Biology Teacher Is Funny

  8. 8 Are You On Fire? Teacher Posted This In Her Classroom

  9. 9 Friend Of Mine’s Math Teacher Responds To A Doodle He Drew On His Test

  10. 10 So Some Asshole Stole My Media Teacher’s Big Lebowski Bobblehead

  11. 11 If Only All Professors Had A Sense Of Humor

  12. 12 This Chemistry Professor Who Dressed Right For The Occasion

  13. 13 The Teacher Grading These

  14. 14 The teacher who made a valiant effort.

  15. 15 The teacher who knew a photo opportunity when he saw one.

  16. 16 The teacher who wanted his students to stop looking at the clock.

  17. 17 How To Study

  18. 18 This Math Teacher Solves For X-mas

  19. 19 This Teacher

  20. 20 When Your Prof Is Feeling Savage


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