30 Surreal Photos That Will Blow Your Mind


Monica Carvalho is an amazing surreal photography artist; all her photographs are original photographs manipulated in Photoshop to “confuse your mind”.  She loves puzzling people with her work. She finds inspiration for her surreal art by comparing the texture and colors of her photos to humans such as human skin, lashes or lips. 

She’s amazing at what she does. Scroll down, you’ll see lots of amazing work by Monica. Don’t miss the 15th one. It’s really breathtaking. 


You can learn more about her work on the following links: Monica Carvalho | redbubble.com/Shop

  1. 1 Draw yourself

  2. 2 Backpacking in the canyons

  3. 3 Monday vibes

  4. 4 When you forget to put the softener while doing laundry


  5. 5 Don't mind the bushes

  6. 6 Caffeine rush surely makes you do crazy stuff

  7. 7 Above the clouds and below the sea

  8. 8 Listen to the sea in your mind.

  9. 9 Beat Around The Bush

  10. 10 I walk a lonely chord...

  11. 11 When you can't afford a pool

  12. 12 Wet road alert

  13. 13 Explore the open spaces on the human body

  14. 14 Where can I buy these shades?

  15. 15 Wear nature like its your own

  16. 16 Bird eye view

  17. 17 Natural makeup

  18. 18 Haunted by the best dreams

  19. 19 Gotta make it big

  20. 20 Bad hair days be like

  21. 21 Take the hike

  22. 22 How I feel every time I go swimming with my friends

  23. 23 An artist’s bread

  24. 24 How you feel after smoking a joint

  25. 25 Hello up there, your friends are looking for you at the pond!

  26. 26 Me waking up early on a sunday

  27. 27 Cant find a smoother surface than this

  28. 28 Safe landing

  29. 29 Diving back in to my memories

  30. 30 My dress got a little wet


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