20+ Struggles Every Girl Can Relate to


Being a women is no easy feat. You get the beauty and the brains, sure. But you’re also stuck struggling with a lot to maintain those good looks. For instance, most girls dream of having long flowing hair that may be easily styled. But these long flocks can be tiresome too as they get stuck in car doors and jumper zippers. Hair is just one example. There are tons of others! Take nails for instance, women spend quite a lot on their nails to polish and maintain them. But how long does it take for a nail to break? Mere Seconds! 

Don’t even get me started on the makeup. Good makeup can seriously cost you a fortune, but it doesn’t take a lot to ruin a good lipstick or break a makeup palette. One wrong bump while travelling can be enough. 


These struggles are real. But they come in a package with all the awesomeness of women. You can’t have all the wits without a little bit of struggle can you. In this post we have listed photos showing you the everyday struggles of women, scroll on and enjoy peeps:



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