20 Strange Places To Get Married


No one wants a cookie-cutter wedding. It's a special day and we want it to be memorable. Destination weddings were once a hype but they are not making headlines anymore. For romantic couples ready to get married after years of dating, their wedding day should have symbolic meaning. A place they both like. A place they have a good memory of. A place they both dreamed to go. For extroverts, it can be a place to have fun with all and for introverts, it can be a place to enjoy the serenity.

But sometimes the symbolic connection goes a little weird. Here are 20 strange places couple chose to make their marriage ceremony having no equal. 

  1. 1 On a hot air balloon

    What is life without adventure? This couple decided to hop on a hot air balloon and get married in the bright blue skies. They took a few close friends along with them to enjoy this memorable ceremony.

  2. 2 On a roller coaster ride

    You might have heard that love is a roller coaster ride. Well, some people have taken that literally. This couple decided to get their marriage ceremony done on a roller coaster ride. They did this to prove that they'll be sharing every adventure with each other throughout their lives.

  3. 3 Getting married while Bungee jumping

    There's no better way to take your vows and pledge "till death do us part" between a near-death experience. The daredevil couple took their special occasion to the next level by getting married 200 ft off the ground.

  4. 4 At Christ of the Deep statue


    This couple from Miami decided to have a wedding that makes the news. They tied the knot 25 feet below water level, right in front of the Christ of the deep statue. That's one way to make sure Jesus blesses you for your wedding.

  5. 5 On top of Mount Everest

    Reaching the top of Mount Everest is a life goal you may have heard about many times in your life. But getting married on top of the biggest mountain in the world is special. This couple from California achieved their ambition by completing the trek in their wedding dresses. The ceremony took place on top of the Great Mount Everest.

  6. 6 On a plane

    Apparently, this couple didn't have the patience to wait until they land to get married. So they decided to get married mid-air with hundreds of strangers as audience. The whole crew and flight passengers supported their decision by singing wedding jiggles for them.

  7. 7 At a gas station

    This couple should be your idol if you don't plan on spending a lot on your wedding. They just drove off to the nearest gas station and took the vows amid their close friends in the catchy smell of gasoline fumes.

  8. 8 In zero gravity

    This space enthusiast couple had special plans for their wedding. They booked the zero-gravity cabin for their wedding ceremony. Moreover, 36 members of the friends and family were also invited to witness this special ceremony.

  9. 9 The Titanic Museum

    Did you know you can have your own Jack and Rose kind of romantic experience at your wedding? There's a Titanic based theme park in Tennessee that also does wedding ceremonies. Here is a couple that decided to seal their fate in Hollywood fashion.

  10. 10 Costco where they first met

    This California couple mutually decided to get married at the exact spot where they first met. You won't be amused if I tell you that spot was inside the frozen food section at their local Costco. 

  11. 11 jet-pack wedding

    This adventurous couple made their wedding entry flying on  $90,000 jetpacks. It was the bride's idea who was a water sports enthusiast. This was the first ever jet-pack wedding.

  12. 12 Under the Sea

    Marrying a mermaid might be something you've seen in your dreams. But this guy actually decided to have his wedding ceremony under the sea. The couple wasn't able to hear each other say their vows but the experience was unforgettable without any doubt.

  13. 13 Inside a cemetery

    We've all heard of the saying "true love never dies". Having a cemetery wedding gives a whole new meaning to it. Initially, a couple decided to get married by their parents' graves because of a promise they made. However, it has become a trend from then onwards and couples are often seen getting married in New York cemeteries.

  14. 14 McDonald's

    Mcdonald's has always been famous for holding birthday parties. This couple decided to go down the memory lane and have a Mcwedding. Mcdonalds has hosted more than 25 wedding ceremonies by now and the number keeps growing.

  15. 15 Grocery store

    This guy went grocery shopping and found the love of his life. They were determined to walk down the same snacks aisle after their first kiss where they first met. The wedding was planned by their friends. It took place at a grocery store near the couple's homes.

  16. 16 Taco Bell

    Are you a big fan of Tacos? Certainly, but not as big as this couple from Las Vegas. Dan and Bianca decided to tie the knot at the Taco Bell Chapel. You definitely won't see a 'cheesier' wedding than this.

  17. 17 Atlantis Marine World in Riverhead

    Hundreds of weddings take place every day in Long Island but not every one of them is as special as this one. This couple had their wedding ceremony in front of sand tigers and sharks. The wedding took place at the Atlantis Marine World in Riverhead.

  18. 18 In the open at -30 degrees Celsius

    Siberian people love the cold weather. That's the reason this couple from Krasnoyarsk in Siberia decided to get married by Riverside in -30 degrees Celsius.

  19. 19 Apple Store

    This Asian American couple was so obsessed with Apple products that they decided to get married inside an Apple Store. The wedding took place at the Apple store located at Fifth Avenue in New York City. The vows also contained Apple product references.

  20. 20 Inside a shark tank

    Saying "I do" in a shark tank does take some serious guts. This couple was a regular follower of the Shark Week and agreed upon inviting some special guests to their wedding. The wedding took place in a shark tank in Las Vegas.


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