21 Strange Photos That Doesn’t Make Any Sense


We have all seen perfectly timed, deceptive, crazy and spontanous photos on the internet. But what we haven’t seen so far are photos that absolutely make no sense. So for a change and to take a break from our beloved dump of the day photos, we have come up with the idea to compile strange photos that make no sense to anyone, to play tricks on your mind today. So scroll down below and be sure to let us know the photo you liked the most.

  1. 1 Handy!

  2. 2 One of the difficult parts of having a chameleon as a pet!!

  3. 3 This Is How People In China Are Riding Escalators !!

  4. 4 Can't understand what is he trying to do ??


  5. 5 Seriously wtf is happening here!!

  6. 6 Sneaking food into the gun!

  7. 7 Organic edible brass knuckles with mp3 player!!

  8. 8 When the girl said that you are not nice enough!!

  9. 9 WTF!!

  10. 10 when i'm sober i just don't like who i am!!

  11. 11 Coffee-flavoured hot dogs or hot dogs flavoured coffee!

  12. 12 A relative of the “couch potato.”

  13. 13 This provokes anxiety!!

  14. 14 God I wish that were me

  15. 15 Those legs...

  16. 16 Human Synonym!

  17. 17 Just to keep them fresh!

  18. 18 Flying Pizza Slice!

  19. 19 Some people should not use technology!

  20. 20 In 2 minutes he has the solution!

  21. 21 Toilet Roll-Desperation!


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