20 Social Media Photos That Crossed All Levels of Absurdity


There was a time when photography wasn’t that easy, The 90s kids will know the time of photography reels and photography negatives. You had limited number of pictures available back then on a single reel and even those were not instantly viewable, you had to wait for a few days until your negatives were processed to see your captured photographs. The upside was that people didn’t waste their pictures on stupid and weird things and they actually captured some good memories that were worth the effort. Life was that much simpler then. 

However with the advent of digital pictures life just became crazy and the last blow was dealt by social media websites like Facebook, twitter and Instagram.

Now we have almost unlimited number of clicks available and we can instantly see the results of those clicks. Resultantly, Now we see people taking pictures everywhere and instantly uploading them. Lot of these pictures make no sense at all and are on the far end of stupidity.


Listed below are 20 of the weirdest and craziest of such pictures. They are pretty hilarious. Scroll down and enjoy peeps:



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