20 Shopkeepers With Top-Shelf Sense of Humour


No matter where you go, you’re bound to find the town, city or village full of various cafes, shops and canteens competing for your attention. To stand out from the crowd, the shopkeepers try different techniques to be memorable to their customers. One of the most effective marketing gimmicks is humor. People use humorous messages to stand out among the competition. Some of these ploys are actually quite hilarious, and they serve as strong marketing messages that are sure to make passersby stop for a second look. 

Listed in this post are 20 messages by shopkeepers with a good sense of humor. You’re sure to laugh on the fourth one:



  1. 1 And humour is essential!

  2. 2 Vampire Repellents!

  3. 3 This does remind me of all the people humming and hoping you would know what they meant.

  4. 4 I wanna visit this Pizza shop


  5. 5 Keeping it real!

  6. 6 The children's book section at this gift shop doesn't candy coat a damn thing.

  7. 7 My local Asian supermarket sells mega meat

  8. 8 Starbucks' mermaid has a tough job

  9. 9 My computer repair shop had this

  10. 10 Cup sizes done right

  11. 11 My local ice cream shop had this sign

  12. 12 A vegan at the butcher's shop

  13. 13 My meat shop guy likes games

  14. 14 Khaleesi knows the struggle for the perfect avocado

  15. 15 Permission first

  16. 16 My ice cream shop's door step.

  17. 17 I myself am not sure of that

  18. 18 It’s Grumpy Cat. And she’s grumpier than ever.

  19. 19 What will you prefer?!

  20. 20 A seasonal ad!


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