10 Sarcastically Funny Quotes


Sarcasm is fun, from making a taunt to a satirical remark, sarcasm has never failed to make people laugh. We normally use it to make a conversation spicy with a friend, or to add a comical flavor to our everyday discussions. Sarcasm may be intelligent and witty, however it is not widely understood or accepted by the society at large. But still we have managed to collect 20 sarcastic remarks that will make you smile. Don’t skip the 10th one, its spot on:  

  1. 1 Toothbrush

    "Always Remember to be nice to people who have access to your Toothbrush"

  2. 2 Nintendo

    "Autocorrect makes me say things I didn’t Nintendo"

  3. 3 50 Shades

    "50 shades of dark cirlces Under my eyes"

  4. 4 Party


    "Party at my house Bring food and Leave"

  5. 5 Perfect

    "I may not be Perfect But Atleast I’m not You"

  6. 6 Two Things

    Two Things: 


    1. Where have you been all my Life?

    2. Can you please goBack?

  7. 7 Not everyone has good taste

    "It’s okay if you don’t like me Not everyone has good taste"

  8. 8 You look better

    "You look good when your eyes are Closed But You look better when My eyes are Closed"

  9. 9 You are Lucky

    "Mirror can’t talkLucky for You They can’t laugh either"

  10. 10 I'll be poor

    "If had a dollar for every smart thing you say I’ll be poor"


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