24 Ridiculously Hilarious Tattoos


A good sense of humor is a gift that will win you friends everywhere. At least that’s what they tell us. I am not sure how hilarious tattoos can help you much other than getting you attention on social media.

Well,  It must have some social or personal significance, because there is no shortage of people with hilarious tattoos in the world. You have to commend the artists for coming up with such clever and hilarious designs. 


Listed in this post are photos of 24 ridiculously hilarious tattoos that are both clever and funny: 

  1. 1 Don't wanna look at you. Here's my reply!

  2. 2 He's feeding off the wrong species..

  3. 3 Good hair day

  4. 4 Wanna know the origins?


  5. 5 Monkey's can be kinky

  6. 6 Weird belly button? No problem.

  7. 7 Genius artwork

  8. 8 Gotta keep all the ports in one place

  9. 9 I heard what you just said

  10. 10 You don't mess with this guy

  11. 11 Say Cheese!

  12. 12 When you have really long hands, make the most of them..

  13. 13 He doesn't look happy to lose the rest of his legs

  14. 14 Zombie feet

  15. 15 There's an angry kitty on my leg

  16. 16 Look's like a pharmacist

  17. 17 Aging shall take care of this one

  18. 18 Come gimme a hug

  19. 19 Teleportation

  20. 20 He's got the missing piece

  21. 21 Nature's lawn mower did its job

  22. 22 That should keep it in place

  23. 23 Photography fanatics be like

  24. 24 Pay up or she dies


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