20 Rebels Who are Breaking the Rules in Hilarious Ways


It’s human nature. If you’re told not to do something, you will feel a sudden urge to defy the authority and do exactly what you have been advised not to do. That’s what reverse psychology is all about, isn’t it?

It’s hilarious the things that people do to show that they don’t give a damn to the rules.


Listed in this post are 20 hilarious photos of rebels breaking the rules, and flaunting their endeavours. Scroll on and enjoy the show peeps:

  1. 1 Obama also act like a rebel sometimes....

  2. 2 Disregard the constabulary

  3. 3 The level of dedication for this type of anarchy is just inspiring!

  4. 4 Say No To The Rules !


  5. 5 Do not step on the grass!

  6. 6 Rules are made to be broken.

  7. 7 Sometimes goats can also be rebels!

  8. 8 Ouch!!

  9. 9 Just try and stop me.

  10. 10 This knife is for serving cheese only....

  11. 11 Don't even look at me!

  12. 12 Sir, its a teen spot!

  13. 13 You Should Say Please....

  14. 14 Pull down with two hands.....

  15. 15 Father Like Son

  16. 16 Well Played ... !

  17. 17 Grab a Coke please ...! Oh Sorry ...!!!

  18. 18 Taylor Swift is a rebel!

  19. 19 Do not use BLADE to open!

  20. 20 Born to break the rules....


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