20 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Kids and Pets Alone


If I tried putting makeup on my cat’s face, she’d probably scratch my hand off. But as you can see from the hilarious pictures below some pets are more patient than others, especially when they are under the watch of kids. From toddlers imitating cats to dalmatians used as canvasses for artwork, we have a hilarious collection of kids babysitting pets which proves that you shouldn’t leave them alone under any circumstances. 


If you have pets at home and you can relate to these images then comment in the section below which picture is your favorite. 

  1. 1 The Contouring On This Cat Really Is Quite Impressive.

  2. 2 What Happens When You Go On Vacation And Someone With Three Kids Looks After Your Dog For You.

  3. 3 There's Also The Danger That The Kids Will Start To Think They're Pets Too.

  4. 4 My 5-Year-Old Son Is Getting Good At Legos. He Built A Cat


  5. 5 I Didn't Do It. It Was The Dog

  6. 6 You Nose That I Love You

  7. 7 My Little Sister Did This To The Cat

  8. 8 The Dalmatian Of Many Colors

  9. 9 This Is one truly patient dog.

  10. 10 Partners In Crime

  11. 11 Leaving Your Dog Alone For Five Minutes To Return To This.

  12. 12 Not Only Was He Swinging, He Was On A Leash. The Most Patient Cat Ever

  13. 13 My Nephew Playing Tug-O-War With The Dog

  14. 14 When Your Child And Your Dog Disappear Upstairs For An Hour, You Should Totally Be Suspicious

  15. 15 This Dog That Will Accompany His Fairy Princess On Backyard Adventures.

  16. 16 Dog Was Sad About The Cone, Thankfully Someone Was Willing To Cheer Him Up!


  17. 17 Leaving a kid Alone With A Dog Can Have Very Interesting Results.

  18. 18 And This Dog That Will Finally Help You Reach The Cookie Jar.

  19. 19 My Little Sister Decided My Dog Needs Some Underwear

  20. 20 My Little Brother Hatching Eggs With The Dog.


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