30 Real Life Weirdos You Won’t Believe Actually Exist


Being weird is good. It sets us apart and allows us to be totally different from the rest of the world, while still being the same. Humans tend to forget that what makes us weird are the things we are passionate about, and the levels that passion can reach. In a way, we’re all weird in our own identities.  However this weirdness can sometimes reach the level of madness. Sometimes in the pursuit of a unique identity, people just end up being downright creepy.


In this post, we have compiled a list of 30 weirdos that were caught on camera. This compilation will help you guys keep a check on your own weird habits. It’s okay to be weird peeps, just don’t get carried away with it like these guys did.  Scroll down and enjoy the 30 craziest and weirdest people you won’t believe actually exists. Don’t skip the 15th one it’s hilarious.

  1. 1 Can't explain what's going on in here!

  2. 2 When you've really got eyes at the back

  3. 3 I was drunk and I Hi fived my mouth

  4. 4 Pay up or the kitty dies


  5. 5 Inspired by Caitlyn Jenner

  6. 6 Cone head!

  7. 7 This dude's fishing goals!

  8. 8 When you take your job too seriously....

  9. 9 Was on my way to the barber. Thought I should get some gas first.

  10. 10 Welcome to Weirdo Wonderland

  11. 11 That's such a confusing wedding picture apart from the in-explainable costumes

  12. 12 Mom said I need to be home for dinner

  13. 13 The pole was for public's assistance, wasn't it?

  14. 14 Old McDonald's on a long weekend

  15. 15 When you suffer from wet tongue problems

  16. 16 When the toilet's out of tissues

  17. 17 Spidey always spares a seat

  18. 18 Has anyone seen my clothespin?

  19. 19 ** Lion King Music Playing **

  20. 20 Weird Beach day

  21. 21 But I found this space first!

  22. 22 I think Pikachu ate Ash..

  23. 23 How not to dress at a fancy dress competition

  24. 24 When you're getting late for school

  25. 25 Met the soldier action figure from my childhood after years. How times have changed.

  26. 26 When you're hair have an identity of their own

  27. 27 Seen on Jumanji Highway 23

  28. 28 Just a girl on the subway with her Raven

  29. 29 Hulk wannabe

  30. 30 He looks like Megamind


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