20 Purely Girly Poses Hilariously Recreated By Men


Men have been posting stereotypical girl poses all over social media in a truly hilarious fashion. There are special accounts on social media called “brosbeingbasic” that post pictures of what it would be like if guys started posing like girls. This movement has generated several hilarious photos of men expressing their feminine side in various poses. 


In this post, we have compiled pictures of 20 purely girly poses that were hilariously recreated by men. Don’t forget to see the 6th one, it is sure to make you laugh:

  1. 1 When you're a delicate princess from deep within

  2. 2 Towards the weekend..

  3. 3 Living the Mermaid life

  4. 4 Girl Squad


  5. 5 You want some sugar?

  6. 6 She said yes!

  7. 7 Beer Pregnant

  8. 8 Typical female post-workout selfie

  9. 9 Summers with my chicas

  10. 10 Sometimes you're a Dwarf heading into battle, sometimes your a Fairy in a Bathtub

  11. 11 Who does it better?

  12. 12 Oh my gosh its a rainy day

  13. 13 "Just got outta the shower, gotta check my fantasy football team" pose

  14. 14 But first, let me take a selfie

  15. 15 This is the Best Gift Ever!!

  16. 16 Showing off them booties

  17. 17 When Yoga is life

  18. 18 Don’t burn your hands princess......!


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