20 Prankster Couples Who Have Good Sense of Humour


Sense of humor is what keeps a relationship going and uplifts you and your partner when things start to seem dull. The cheesy romantic things your partner does for you are cute but sometimes it is nice to pull a prank on your significant other.


So, if you’d rather fool your partner rather than buying him/her the perfect gift then we believe you will enjoy these 20 photos which are hilarious!  

  1. 1 I told my wife she can't balance a coin

  2. 2 Asked my boyfriend to send me something sexy

  3. 3 My bf pinched me at the perfect moment

  4. 4 My wife asked me to bring her pink bag. Haven't been so confused in a while


  5. 5 My wife asked m touch up our engagement pictures

  6. 6 My wife wanted me to take a serious picture with my groomsmen

  7. 7 My gf has been running around in this box for an hour. I just read the company name..

  8. 8 The banner I took to support my gf when she ran at the marathon

  9. 9 I told my boyfriend I like Pepsi more than Coke. This is what I saw in the fridge today,,

  10. 10 My girlfriend was outta town so I told her I found a date and sent her this picture

  11. 11 Heard my husband shouting at the dog. Went to the kitchen and saw this

  12. 12 My boyfriend bought a label maker today

  13. 13 I wore this shirt during my wife's labor

  14. 14 My girlfriend wanted comfort food. So I made her a cheese couch

  15. 15 Got my girl a 3 carrot ring for our anniversary. She wasn't happy.

  16. 16 Told my husband I would wear it again only if he did it first. He sent me this after a while..

  17. 17 Communicated via sign language with my wife last night

  18. 18 My wife said I could decorate the bathroom however I want

  19. 19 Told my husband he looks good in purple. It took him 10 minutes to do this!

  20. 20 Just realized my hair are the same color as my girlfriend's extensions


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